Chronicling web "gripe sites" and other sites confronted with legal action

"If people had the Internet and had launched gripe sites long ago, companies would have built products a lot better ... long ago." -Burge

"Internet is giving consumers greater power and companies need to adjust to the new reality." - Eric Goldman

"Think of it as a soapbox to the world."....Christian Science Monitor

Legend for Gripe Sites

Indicates the site was involved in litigation, received Cease & Desist letter, or was threatened with legal action.
Indicates the site was shut down or gripe content has been removed.

Featured Sites  "Mitsubishi Problems worst compared to Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and even Kia!"  "Where things don't just suck, they ReallySuck!"

GE Rexel Discrimination  "This Website chronicles the acts of discrimination and retaliation brought to you by some of your friends at:
Legal Documents
: Sedgwick Claims Management Services v. Delsman

RedDiamondTeaIsToxic  "The labís preliminary exam of the sample is that it contains volatile hydrocarbons, like paint thinner or kerosene."
"I am being sued by Red Diamond, Inc. for trade libel and defamation in an attempt to intimidate me into taking down this website"  "Iím just a guy that has had it with being treated like shit by Chase Bank."  The site includes a forum for others to log their complaints.
JP Morgan Chase has sent the site a Cease and Desist alleging Trademark Infringement. "Our 2007 La Costa home in Minden, Nevada, was built with a variety of serious Construction Defects, significant Code Violations and grave deviations from the County-approved Building Plans by Syncon Homes." "Multiplastics will take your money, screw up your project and deliver nothing.  This site was designed specifically to prevent others from being ripped off like we were from Multiplastics."

Lowe's-Lawsuits "In August of 2002 I pulled out a brand new 40í Werner Extension Ladder I purchased at the local Carson City Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse to use for my business. As the rope was pulled to raise the extension, the rope suddenly snapped allowing the top section of the extension ladder to come crashing down on my right wrist..."

Traton Homes Sucks "I was surprised to learn how much Traton truly did not care about their customers!" Traton Home Documents This gripe site is critical of Ohio home builders Mark and Lisa Powers and Powermark Homes.  Powermark Homes  has filed a lawsuit and multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claims that have shut down the web site twice.  Public Citizen has stepped in to protect the Free Speech of John Doe.  Read the court filings: Powermark Homes, Inc. v. John Doe and Domains By Proxy. "Farmers Insurance is rated Worst. Farmers Insurance has the Most Complaints" The site includes articles, lawsuits, and allegations and ratings. "This site has begun for students to discuss relevant issues related to past, present, and future Devry University (and its related educational facilities Graduate and/or Undergraduate, etc..), activities!

Dan Stanton - Contractor Issue "This blog will detail the issues a homeowner in Massachusetts had with Dan Stanton of Stanton and Sons Contracting."  Their story was featured on Constructive criticism Complaints about Pulte Homes in Lenexa, Kansas After being sold an auto from Best Buy Auto & Finance, "I was told the car needed an exhaust system, both front axles, repair of an oil leak possibly caused from a bad cam seal or main seal." "I was so angry with PayPal and what they did to me, I decided to focus my anger of exposing PayPal for what it is: a den of thieves." "Website relating to the purchase of a new home, drainage, and warranty issues in the Fox Run Subdivision in Midlothian, Texas. Choice Homes, Inc. has pulled out of Fox Run." "Kaiser Permanente: Failure to Thrive ó The Truth About the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Advertising Campaign". "Managed Care Watch is a coalition of concerned consumers and professionals who have come together for the purpose of reforming the HMO and Managed Care industry." "Better Business Bureau or Buyer Better Beware?"..."It has been reported to the "" that, the BBB encourages and solicits money from the very businesses they monitor! How could this be beneficial to the consumer?"  See also BBB is a Scam

Complaints and information about the Better Business Bureau (BBB) "The BBB did not advertise our complaint as unresolved or that it was even filed and as far as we know, they never have, even within the 3 year reporting period. Our complaints remain unresolved."..."It appears that the BBB is violating the consumers with the very practice (mis-leading advertising) that they claim to help resolve."

Consumer Claims BBB a Total Scam "Not surprisingly, we began to receive complaints or inquiries from several other businesses and persons who apparently had experienced similar or abnormal problems in dealing with the BBB that contrasted with their feel-good, chummy, reputation." See also Better Business Bureau Scam "Welcome to the official Orlando Florida Anti-tourism Site!" "I purchased my new K. Hovnanian home on 5/3/2004 and have been "battling" with my builder ever since.  I find it totally amazing that one of the largest builders in the country treats its customers in the way that I have experienced over the past two and a half years.  I have had multiple instances of documented defective construction, water intrusion and mold growth in my home.  I was forced to move my family out of my home on two occasions for a total of almost six months." and  "We have reviewed more than 40 very detailed home inspections within new home communities built by Lennar Homes. The results of these reports indicate there are a variety of issues with roof installation, roof leaks, stucco thickness, mold issues and electrical problems, to name a few." Lennar files a lawsuit against Morgan due to his web site alleging trademark infringements, defamation and unfair competition claims. "Is she a well-intentioned spiritual leader, with actual psychic powers? Is she a fraud, making money by callously manipulating and using the bereaved? Or is she something else entirely?" Cease and Desist | Response to C&D "The truly frightening aspect is that this isn't an isolated incident. Many people have posted and emailed similar stories of GoDaddy hijacking their domains without any sort of court order or other due process. Others have paid extra for the so-called "domains by proxy" privacy service, only to have GoDaddy unmask their identity just because someone made a single legal threat" Story at Parody gripe site critical of  Proactiv Solution acne skin care system. "the website that has been established to tell the world about the bad things that go on at Shands" HealthCare. Article at  According to the site, "This website is dedicated to the truth. The truth about a man who has turned lives upside down. Be afraid. Be very afraid." Press Release | Public Citizens Motion "There is no way I can boast about environmental benefits or phenomenal mileage since my $2000+ Catalytic converters keep failing and my 02 sensors have been stuck in lean burn for God knows how long without warning, burning excessive amounts of fuel. Safety is now a huge concern,  I find myself constantly wondering when the next random IMA power failure will take place, potentially putting my life in danger." BadAmsouth.Com is an anti AmSouth website designed for the purpose of exposing the nightmares of doing business with "The Relationship People". We provide a forum for people to post their complaints, fraud stories, lawsuits and other dissatisfactions. C&D with Reply

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A personal observation about gripe sites

Only after you've been sued, or threatened with a lawsuit, for expressing yourself do you truly appreciate the precious worth of "free speech."

Prior to the advent of the web, most speech could reach only a limited audience--family, acquaintances, neighbors. The web has dramatically changed that. Now, a single voice can reach a potential audience of millions, and those who are discussed are painfully aware of it--and may be willing to devote tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in an attempt to silence a voice of complaint.

Important precedents have been established in the past few years, with several advocacy groups working diligently to preserve free speech rights on the Internet, of which some would seek to deprive us. The battle is ongoing and undoubtedly will continue locally and nationally for years to come.

Free speech is a "right" but that doesn't mean somebody else won't challenge it. This site was established to promote awareness of consumer issues, free speech issues, some of the combatants, and to provide links to online resources.  

So you're thinking about establishing a gripe site?

Observations from somebody who's been there. Also see the Resources page and Cites (court decisions)

About this site:

After being sued in federal court for my own gripe site I decided to revitalize and "maintain" this site.  My experience taught me the value and benefit of gripe sites to us all, and the effort sometimes required to keep them from being shut down. This site will serve as a directory, of sorts, of gripe sites, and as recognition to the many individuals who have often resolutely sought to exercise and defend their free speech rights--legal battles involving websites or blogs can become demanding and arduous ordeals for website publishers.

If you visit some of the gripe sites we provide links to, please consider taking a moment to send the website publisher an e-mail of support--sometimes even one such e-mail can lift the spirits of an embattled website publisher. I also encourage you to support those organizations such as Public Citizen, EFF, the ACLU, and other advocates for their efforts in defending and preserving our rights.


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