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  First Assembly of God Sucks
devoted to a Jacksonvill, Florida, church
  I'SOT survivors
Website dedicated to I'SOT "cult survivors"
An I'SOT survivors' website: "focuses on children sent to the ISOT cult and who survived to tell their stories."..."We were promised love, strength, unity, hope and family, in a Christian environment, when we found none in the world.

What we got was a highly abusive, dysfunctional family. Before you xconsider sending a loved one to I'SOT, read their history and the stories of some of who have 'escaped'. We have united to expose their abusive evil and mean-spirited elitism to the World for what it is."
WIPO decided in favor of domain name owner and against Jerry Falwell
Story at
Website publisher apparently decided the legal hassles were too trying. The sites are now registerd to Jerry Falwell Ministries.
  The Truth About Scientology
Scientology Lies
published by a former Scientologist
Scientology vs. Anti-Scientology:
These are NOT gripe sites.
The Church of Scientology has aggressively pursued its critics, claiming copyright violations when anti-Scientology websites published "secret" membership literature.
Read one story about it.
A professor received a letter from a lawyer
   His analayis of the letter (good reading)
   His reply
Visit Operation Clambake

Gripe Sites
Bad AmSouth

Farmers Insurance Sucks

Kaiser Gripe Site
Kaiser thrives on ruining lives.

Screw PayPal

University of Phoenix Sucks

Capella University Sucks Gripe Site

Honda Sucks Gripe Site

Halliburton Watch

Truth about American Intercontinental University



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