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Banfield Vet Sucks
"He was taken to a big well known Chain vet located inside a store in Columbia, SC for a wellness exam and rabies shot. In just two hrs the vet whom I now have been told was four months out of school managed to take his life from him."
Gripe sites about hair restoration clinics
a site critical of a company (Burnt Sand), its management, and its practices. The publisher advises he was threatened with libel action until the company learned he could support his claims.
Colorado Courts
Website complaining about occurrences with Colorado Court. - a site critical of Florida dentist's Dr. Leonard Tolley, Dr. Richard Kaplan and the Florida Department of Health.  Dr. Tolley and Dr. Kaplan filed a slander lawsuit against Elaine Prentice for a temporary junction to shut down her web site.  The doctors eventually drop the lawsuit and court rules they have to pay Prentice's attorney fees. Articles:  Public Citizen Press, See site for Wall Street Journal article.
Site alleges DRD violates local and federal laws concerning its business.  DRD sent web site owner Michael Hankins, a C&D and Mr Hankins responds to the threat.
Corporate America, Politics, Politicians--mulitple forums
A number of [     ] domain names get redirected to here "Do not purchase from this Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) infected cattery. Lollimops is A Pet Profiteer, Charlatan, Con Artist, Swindler, Pathological Liar, Cheater, Thief...."
A bulletin board about a debt collection agency
An angry consumer tells of his experiences with HealthNet
a site protesting the blocking of e-mail by the Jacksonville Public Library.
Former (and present) employees air grievances about DHL. Christopher Lamparello's gripe site which is critical of Jerry Falwell wins. In August of 2005 the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Christopher Lamparello was free to operate his website because he had "not evidenced a bad faith intent to profit" from it.  Fallwell appealed to the Supreme Court, on April 18, 2006 the Supreme Court declined without comment to take up Jerry Falwell appeal.  Falwell has tried but failed in the past to stifle web sites critical of him.  Appeals Court Opinion, article and Other Articles
A former employee complains about company's refusal to rehire him Critical of, a website which is allegedly owned by Lolita Carrico.  "The site was created to help those who have been scammed and those who are considering giving money to this business."  "In America, itís not libel if itís the truth!" Dominic Morgan received unsuccessful lasik surgery in 1998 and created this web site in 2002. Morgan, a Pennsylvania resident left legally blind after lasik eye surgery should be allowed to identify his doctors on a Web site warning the public about the risks of the surgery, Public Citizen said in an appeal submitted June 26, 2006 on his behalf in a Pennsylvania state court. Read Press Release, See Herbert Nevyas and Anita Nevyas-Wallace v. Dominic Morgan Appeal
Just Say No. The American Community Survey  (  "Express your opinions and relate your experience with The American Community Survey. Until YOU get one, YOU have no IDEA! Intrusive questions and the most personal of information. RANT and RAGE right here."
Former employee complains about employer, Retail Detail Merchandising. "I am a 29 year old Jacksonville, Florida resident and was terminated by Retail Detail plans to fight back against being terminated for having a Disability" "This web site is dedicated to exposing thewholesaleforums"
"This site is dedicated to exposing the truth about the outrageous and dangerous conduct of one of the largest truck rental outfits around. I started this site after a horrible moving experience I had trying to use a U-HAUL truck to move from Vermont to New Jersey in the fall of 2003."
"The Web site was started when UPS caused me to lose my first business due to their refusal to pay insurance claims for 21-inch computer monitors that they smashed." The Weekly Gripe is your place on the web to have your say about anything you like. Get that gripe out into the open and tell us what it is that really ticks you off! "Weapons of mass destruction LIE! Saddam linked with 9/11 LIE! ďWe donít torture." LIE!"  An attorney for the U.S. Military Academy sent a letter to the operators of the web site telling them that the term "West Point" cannot be used by the organization. Article at

Gripe Sites
Bad AmSouth

Farmers Insurance Sucks

Kaiser Gripe Site
Kaiser thrives on ruining lives.

Screw PayPal

University of Phoenix Sucks

Capella University Sucks Gripe Site

Honda Sucks Gripe Site

Halliburton Watch

Truth about American Intercontinental University



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